Welcome to Forte Piano Tuning!

My name is Christine McCrae and servicing pianos is my passion. My joy is to bring out the best in your piano and make playing a pleasure! My services include piano tuning, voicing (what is voicing?), repairs and regulation (what is regulation?). My approach to piano servicing is from the player’s perspective; making the piano sound and feel as good as possible. I began learning to play the piano at age 12 and the violin from age 9. From that time I began a love affair with sound. I am fascinated with the physics of sound and particularly the physics of stringed instruments. That fascination and passion led me to study at the Australasian School of Piano Technology to become a piano technician. While all pianos have essentially the same internal mechanism, they are all individuals with their own unique voice. I relish the challenge of tweaking bits here and there (or a complete overhaul if need be) to create the smoothest musical canvas for the pianist to paint their musical picture.

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